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   ACES music classes are not lecture driven, instead they place emphasis on new experiences. Hands on lessons put instruments like the guitar, bass, drums, xylophones into the hands of the students. There are no costs or fees for this program, therefore every child gets the same opportunities. Mr. Greece, the school's music educator, is also certified to teach using the Little Kids Rock method of teaching music.
   If you have any questions, would like to help with program, or need advice on purchasing an instrument for your child, feel free to contact Mr. G at [email protected].
   Due to the generosity of Mr. Rhett Timmons (PVES), Phi Mu Alpha (APSU), and Sigma Alpha Iota (APSU), we now have a classroom set of Soprano Ukulele's that are being implemented into the 1-4 grade music curriculum.     
                                                Music Class
ACES Music has many opportunities for students to play musical instruments. We use guitars, percussion instruments, and now we have ukuleles.