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7:00- 7:45      School Opens / Breakfast 

7:45- 8:00      School Begins / Attendance Taken / Morning Work

8:00- 8:45       Specials (please confirm exact specials schedule with your child's teacher

8:45-11:15      ELA (English Language Arts)

11L15-11:50   Lunch (Please confirm exact lunch time with your child's teacher)  

12:00-12:30    Math Whole Group

12:30-1:15      RTI (Response to Intervention)

1:15-1:45       Recess

1:45-2:15       Math Small Group

2:15-2:45       Science

2:45- 3:00      Dismissal

2023-2024 First Grade Supply List 

3 boxes of tissues            

3 glue sticks

1 bottle hand sanitizer   

1 pair of scissors

1 plastic pencil box 

2 boxes of color markers

 1 K-2 Primary Journals 

12 pack of No.2 pencils

4 boxes of 24 crayons  

4 containers of disinfecting wipes   

4 large black dry erase markers                                          

1 ream white copy paper (girls only)

1 ream colored copy  paper (boys only)                                           

1 box of gallon size Ziploc bags (boys only)

1 box quart size Ziploc bags (girls only)

1 pair of over the ear headphones (not USB)

1 change of clothing in a gallon size bag with child’s name on outside of bag.

Be sure to label all coats and clothing that your child will wear to school. It will make it easier to return when lost. We donated hundreds of items left in lost and found last year to charity!
Developing a love for reading begins at home, and Dr. Seuss's words and pictures will make it fun for you and your child. Get started with the tips below.
Pick a comfortable spot to read in - one with plenty of light.
Make it a routine - whether it's right before the breakfast, or right before bed, set aside a special time every day.
Give lots of encouragement! Read the words aloud to your child. Point to the pictures. Say the words together. Laugh with your child.
The fun continues after the last page! When you finish a story, ask your child about his/her favorite passages, characters, and illustrations.
Imagine that! Encourage your child to make up another character that might appear in the book. What would it look like? What would it say? What would you call it?
Letters and words are here, there, and everywhere! Dr. Seuss was a master of words, real and imagined. When you're driving with your child along a familiar route, read the signs aloud. Make your next trip to the grocery store an interactive one-read the names of food items aloud with your child. Make up new ones!