(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math)
Our STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) Lab is set up on either nine or six week rotations. Each teacher is given an assigned schedule so that all students are able to visit and participate in the STEM Lab. While in the lab students will collaborate on numerous problem/project based assignments such as: building a balloon powered car or learning how to code Vex robots.
Students also receive STEM in their regular classrooms! Each grade level completes 4 project/problem based (PBLs) learning opportunities throughout the year. You can find these projects posted throughout our hallways displaying the incredible work our students are doing.
Ashland City Elementary STEM Academy is laying the groundwork for interest in STEM related fields of study. The students learn first-hand how scientist work through experiments to find a solution. They will be working with real-world hand-held technologies to collect data and run tests. They will get to build and solve problems just like engineers. Students will learn how to become artists and be proud of their designs. They will become fluent with mathematical skills needed to solve problems. 
Every day as adults, we face struggles an obstacles in the work force. Our hope is that STEM will provide our students the necessary skills needed to work through challenges and problems. Students must learn to work as a team to solve problems and overcome barriers to design a prototype that is successful. STEM helps our students to be successful even if a design fails; the engineering design process has the ability of improvements. Giving teams an unlimited amount of times to succeed. STEM allows students to become the facilitator and take learning into their own hands.
Studies have shown that by 2024 the percentages of STEM related jobs available in the US would be around 65%. That is why we started our STEM program at such an early age, to prepare our learners to be successful outside of the classroom and now that we are incorporating STEM school-wide we are SO excited to see the growth of our students and their knowledge in different skills sets evolve
We are proud to be one of the 88 STEM designated schools in the state of TN. Our faculty, students, & community have worked hard for this accomplishment! We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Ashland City Elementary STEM Academy!