We have 30 Lenovo desktop computers in our computer lab. Our computer lab is set up so that each student has access to games, programs and other learning materials.

Students come to the computer lab once a week during their Specials rotation. On top of the normal computer lab projects and assignments there will also be lessons on internet safety.

  • Pre-K and Kindergarten students start out their computer lab experience by learning about the different parts of the computers and how each part is used. They also do several games that allows them to have fun while learning essential mouse skills and listening skills. After Christmas, we begin to use the keyboard. We wait that long so that the students are familiar with their letters and numbers. By the end of Kindergarten, they will be typing their sight words and hopefully, full sentences!
  • First graders are taught how to log into their own desktops with a username and password assigned to them. They also learn how to navigate approved websites and type in Microsoft Word documents. The lab also allows students to use the Reading Eggs program, so they get more time on it outside of their homeroom and home. By the end of first grade, students will be able to log into their desktops without issue, type up to three sentences and navigate websites on their own.
  • Second graders start learning home row typing. We emphasize on typing paragraphs properly. We do way more typing in second grade because it is a new skill for these students. I want to make sure that they know their home row keys and that each student can properly type and enjoy it. We have games that make it fun! By the end of second grade, students should be able to type a paragraph timely and type between 15 and 20 words per minute. We also started using this year and the students love it!
  • Third and fourth graders LOVE the lab! We still do quite a bit of typing but we also add in other projects. We do research online and recently, I have introduced Power Points to them. They loved researching for their Power Points. I often have typing contests to see who types the fastest properly. We also use
Websites that we use in the computer lab:


We have so much fun in the computer lab. Should you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me!

[email protected]

WISHLIST: Colored cardstock. GermX. Lysol Wipes. Colored index cards. Sharpies. 


Caitlyn Mason

ACES Computer Lab