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Welcome to the Library!

Our library has over 7000 resources and your children are welcome to check them out any time! Students visit the library once a week for a lesson or activity and also to check out new books. With so many books available, each child should be able to find something they love! It is also my job and my pleasure to help him or her find something that is interesting and is just right to read.

Pre-K comes to the library for story time twice a week to hear traditional stories and folktales. They also enjoy spending time practicing a little yoga in the pit! We love to sing "Row, Row, Row your Boat while we pretend to be rowing on the Cumberland River.

Kindergarten students also hear traditional stories and make connections to other stories they have read in class. We practice numbers and movement and maybe fit in a little arts and crafts. Children are allowed to check out one book to take home and share with their families. Books should be returned every week.

First and second graders are learning where everything is in the library and all it has to offer. It is important to make appropriate book choices, so we try to guide them in the right direction. We usually read a story or two in the pit and talk about characters, setting and plot and anything else interesting. They sometimes get to draw their favorite part of the story or take an AR test on it while they are in the library.

Third and fourth graders are so much fun! They are really starting to enjoy reading as they understand more and they realize they can experience different things through books. We are also learning where things are found in the library- we will do some scavenger hunts to help them remember. I want all of the students to be self-sufficient when they come to the library and be able to find exactly what they need. We will also have some days when we play and create new things-exploring is the best part!

Thank you so much for allowing me to teach your child and help them develop a love of reading! I look forward to meeting you during the coming year!


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Angela Salamy