Ms. Amanda Hunter

Our students in grades 1-4 will receive new logins using their OWN username and password. The county will monitor all actions for each student through these log ins.  Kindergarten will begin to attempt to log-in after the first of 2016. 

 On September 26, 2012, Cheatham County School District installed 30 BRAND NEW Computers in the Computer Lab!!! They are PC's with flat screen monitors.  Feel free to stop in and take a peek at them! 

  These are the student's computers and we were blessed with a new lab because we took great care of the old one!  Because of the new computers - one major new rule will be in place.  This one will be tough because of so many touch screens out there for use - students will not be allowed to touch the monitors in the lab!!! 

Other C omputer Lab Rules:

1.  Keep your hands in your lap until instructions are given.

2.  Raise your hand for permission to speak.

3.  Keep all four legs of the chair on the floor.

Every student comes to the lab for 45 minutes a week.

Here is a synopsis of what we will cover in the computer lab:

PRE-K - They will learn to connect to the internet and use STARFALL, ABCYA, and PBSKIDS.  They are learning vocabulary regarding computer 

K - They will learn to log into the computer under their OWN username and password.  They will begin and progess in the lessons of  They will also learn how to navigate a web browser (Go ogle Chrome) and go to web sites for learning.

1 - - Lessons on the keyboard, letters; numbers; words, spaces, and enter; brushes and lines; cursor, arrows, and tabs; shift and symbols; shapes and fills; processor and ISO devices.

2- - Lessons on the keyboard; Windows and controls; toolbars and menus; software; printer; scanner; testing on computer practice; typing.

3- - Lessons on the keyboard;  Cyber-bullying; windows and controls; toolbars and menus; software; printer;scanner; taking tests on the computer.  LOTS of typing practice.

4 - - Lessons on the keyboard; Cyber-bullying; windows and controls; toolbars and menus; software; printer; scanner; taking tests on the computer; typing practice.