Fourth Grade

4th grade team
Ms. Jane Crocker Ms. Kristi Hasse - Dept. Chaiman Ms. Krista Allen Ms. Katie Leist Mr. Tommy Gossett

Fourth Grade Language Arts Academic Vocabulary List
Analogy, Audience(as listeners and readers), Author's Purpose, Cause/Effect, Compare/Contrast, Double Negatives, Drawing Conclusions, Encyclopedia, Fable, Genre, Index, Making Inferences, Myth, Outline, Possessive Nouns, Proofread, Punctuation (" "), Sentence Fragments, Simple Predicate, Simple Subject, Thesaurus, Title Page (parts of), Verb Tense

Fourth Grade Math Academic Vocabulary List
Acute, Associative property, Attributions, Capacity, Computation, Congruent, Dividend, Divisor, Equivalent, Grid Hundredths, Identity property, Mass, Median, Mode, Obtuse, Quotient Reasonable, Similar (comparing figures), Tenths, Transformations (flips, slides, turns) Volume (conceptual), Zero property

Fourth Grade Science Academic Vocabulary List
Adaptations, Amphibians, Cell (wall, membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus), Condensation, Earth's layers (crust, mantle, core), Edible (parts of plants), Endangered, Erosion, Evaporation Friction, Gravity, Heredity, Lunar, Mammals, Mixture/solution, Moon phases, (correct sequence), Parallel circuit, Pitch, Precipitation, Renewable/non-renewable, Reptiles, Series circuit, Simple machines, Solar energy, Threatened, Thriving, Traits, Characteristics

Fourth Grade Social Studies Academic Vocabulary List
American Revolution, Ancient civilizations, Articles of Confederation, Bill of Rights, Colonial, Constitution, Democracy, Executive Branch, Explorers, Judicial Branch, Legislative Branch, Louisiana Purchase, Mayflower Compact, Mission, Native American groups (e.g. Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw), Preamble, Puritan, Quaker, Religion, Slavery, Supply and demand, Taxes (Revolutionary War), Tennessee political leaders (e.g. Daniel Boone, John Sevier), Trail of Tears, Westward expansion