Second Grade

2nd grade team
Ms. Shelby Cumberledge, Dept. Chairman Ms. Amanda Dalton Ms. Blythe Henderson Ms. Tammy Retchless Ms. Courtney Schiller

2nd Grade Language Arts Academic Vocabulary List
Adjective, Composition, Conversation, Dictionary, Discussion, Everyday language, Fiction, Folktale,
Glossary, Group discussion, Guest speaker, Main character, Main idea, Margin, Mental image, Message,
Nonfiction, Noun, Predictable book, Prewriting, Pronoun, Publish, Purpose, Reread, Spelling pattern, Table of contents, Textbooks, Theater, Verb (action word)

2nd Grade Math Academic Vocabulary List
Cardinal number, Chance, Decreasing pattern, Difference Distance, Foot (measurement), Fraction, Geometric shapes/figures, Height, Increasing pattern, Length, Model, Numeric pattern, Ordinal number, Outcome, Pattern extension, Quarter-hour, Regroup, Second (time), Set, Standard measurement, Symmetry, Table, Time interval, Whole number, Width

2nd Grade Science Academic Vocabulary List
Behavior pattern, Characteristics, Circular motion/straight line motion/zigzag movement, Dissolving, Distance, Diversity of life, Earth resources, Gas, Habitat, Individual differences, Liquid Magnification, Magnifier, Observation, Parent/offspring similarity, Pebble, Prehistoric, Properties, Reasoning, Scientist, Similarities & differences, Solid, Sound, Universe, Vibration, Weight

2nd Grade Social Studies Academic Vocabulary List
Area, Authority, Barrier, Chronological, Climate, Custom, Distance, Duty, Goods, Government, Heritage, Justice, Landmark, Privilege, Qualifications, Rural, Services, Settlement, Symbol, Tradition, Urban, Vegetation, Volunteer