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Daily Schedule
Code # Subject


Daily Schedule

Early Dismissal


Code # Subject

Attendance Policy

Excused Absence for Military Families

Excused Absences for Grades K-4

Release During School Hourse (CCBP 6.208)


School Admissions
Code # Subject

Classroom Assignments

School Admissions (CCBP 6.203)

General Information
Code # Subject

Change in Transportation Home

Field Trips

Library Books

Lunch and Breakfast

Make-Up Work

Personal Property

Special Education Students (CCBP 6.500)

Student Records (CCBP 6.600)

Supervision of Students


Student Behavior
Code # Subject

Bus Conduct (CCBP 6.308)

Care of School Property (CCBP 6.311)

Code of Behavior and Discipline (CCBP 6.300)

Complaints and Investigations

Disciplinary Procedures (CCBP 6.313)

Dress Code (CCBP 6.310)

Drug-Free Schools (CCBP 6.307)

Interference/Disruption of School Activities (CCBP 6.306)

Interrogations and Searches (CCBP 6.303)

Procedural Due Process (CCBP 6.302)


Response and Prevention

Retaliation and False Accusations

Rights and Responsibilities (CCBP 6.301)

Rules of Behavior While on the Bus

School Discipline Act-State

Student Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying, Cyber Bullying and Intimidation (CCBP 6.304)

Student Goals (CCBP 6.100)

Suspensions from Bus Privileges

Use of Internet (CCBP 4.406)

Use of Video Cameras on School Vehicles

Zero Tolerance Offences (CCBP 6.309)

Student Health and Wellness
Code # Subject

Acquired Immune Defiency Syndrome (CCBP 6.404)

Blood Glucose Self-Checks

Child Abuse and Neglect (CCBP 6.409)

Emergency Allergy Response Plan (CCBP 6.412)

Emergency Contact Information (CCBP 6.410)


Medicines (CCBP 6.405)

Pediculosis (Head Lice) (CCBP 6.403.1)

Physical Examinations (CCBP 6.402)

Student Communicable Disease (CCBP 6.403)

Student Health Services (CCBP 6.401)